3 Striking Facts about Bowling for Soup

Facts about Bowling for Soup

Facts about Bowling for Soup – Since its inception, bowling has consistently obtained and retained its recognition in the sports category. In the United States alone, there are 50 million people that participate in the sport.

Because of its extreme popularity, the fascination for bowling has reached all classes of society, including musicians. Yes, the concept of bowling is so popular that even musicians or band members have used bowling terms when naming their bands. Bowling for Soup coined their band name from the sport.

Bowling for Soup is an all-male band that engages in “pop-punk” music. Originally from Wichita Falls, Texas; this band was recognized for its hit singles like “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” that was released in 2002. Their newest hits were “Almost” and “1985.”

The band’s popularity soars as they continue to create songs that are widely accepted by the “pre-teen” group.

3 Striking Facts about Bowling for Soup

For those who are not yet familiar with the band, here are five amazing facts:

1. The band got its name from “Bowling for Shit,” a routine from Steve Martin’s comedy album, “Wild and Crazy Guy,” that was released in 1978.

2. They are known as “musical heavyweights” and drunk-rockers. But all of that changed when they were nominated for the 2003 Grammy Award for their category, “Best Performance Pop, By a Duo or Group.”

Since then, they are no longer known as the “fat guys” from Texas. After the Grammy’s, they now acclaim themselves as the “Grammy-nominated fat guys from Texas.”

3. Their name has nothing to do with the sport of bowling, but they do bowl; they are not “true-blue bowlers” which is what they call themselves. Jaret Riddick, the band’s lead vocalist and lead guitarist has stated that they play “badly” when it comes to bowling. They participated in a bowling event known as a “Bowl-a-thon,” where Chris Burney, their bassist and vocalist, was able to score a “scorching” 70.

On the other hand, the term “soup” has nothing to do with edible soup either – the fact is that Riddick admitted that he is not a “soup eater.”

Given all of the above, this band has made a great impact on the entertainment scene. They are very popular even if they are not into the sport of bowling. Whether it has been a strike or a spare, they have hit their way to fame.

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